Pitmasters Agree

To win customers over, you have to use a winning sauce.

“I love the sweet and spicy flavor – it’s perfect for my All-American blue-ribbon smoked meats.”

— Rod Gray
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It’s only natural that one of the country’s top barbecue teams hails from Kansas City – a city best known for its barbecue.

Competing since 2001, Rod and Sheri Gray, the Pellet Envy Pitmasters, have participated in 397 events from coast to coast. In that time, Pellet Envy has won 79 championships and ended ten straight seasons as a top nationally ranked team. Over the last five years, Pellet Envy has more wins than any other team in America and has been awarded more perfect scores in competition than any other BBQ team.

In 2009, Pellet Envy won the KCBS National Championship and were National Champions Runners-Up in 2010.

BBQ Career Highlights
  • 47 Grand Championships
  • 32 Reserve Grand Championships
  • 104 Category Championships
  • 2007 Kansas City Barbeque Society Pork Rib Team of the Year
  • 2009 Kansas City Barbeque Society Brisket Team of the Year
  • 2009 Winners of 9 Grand Championships and 3 Reserve Grand Championships
  • 2009 Kansas City Barbeque Society National Champions
  • 2010 Kansas City Barbeque Society National Champion-Runners Up

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