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To win customers over, you have to use a winning sauce.

“It delivers a unique sweet flavor with the perfect texture to keep my barbecue moist and succulent.”

— Jim Johnson
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As the son of a farmer in rural Arkansas, Jim Johnson traces his cooking roots to a desire at a young age to learn how to cook the “right way.” Johnson’s lifelong passion has been dedicated to learning how to make cooking a success!

In 1984, Jim entered his first BBQ competition, and the rest is history. Johnson, from day one, has prided himself on learning by trial and error and applying the “science of BBQ” to his cooking method. A professional competition cook, caterer and instructor, Jim Johnson is a versatile craftsman of cuisine who works daily to learn and improve.

BBQ Career Highlights
  • 76 total Grand Championships
  • 1998 – Winner of 17 MIM Grand Championships, including 4 times finishing first in every category
  • 28 years competing professionally

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