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To win customers over, you have to use a winning sauce.

“Versatile, sturdy and authentic, Kraft defines barbecue sauce.”

— Jack Waiboer
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Jack Waiboer has always loved barbecue meats. He can't claim that his dad or grandpop were great Pitmasters, but encountering the profound savory smokiness of barbecued meat was love at first whiff. The many camping trips Waiboer spent with his childhood Boy Scout troop sparked a deep interest in live-fire cooking.

Waiboer has since dedicated his life to understanding wood fire, seasoning and smoke as they combine in culinary alchemy to make up the great tradition of American barbecue. He applies lessons of this classic cuisine to modern cooking vessels and techniques of barbecue today. Waiboer's story is about learning, teaching and training barbecue and presenting the delicious combinations of these flavors at their very best.

BBQ Career Highlights
  • 10-time Grand Champion Pitmaster
  • Co-host for Grate TV
  • Co-founder of the Southern Barbecue Network
  • Co-owner and host of the Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School
  • Kraft BBQ Champion
  • Team member on Mike’s Catering Team; winner of the National Best of the Best Whole Hog contest in 2011

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